Conditions of Participation and Rules of Race

Uci Gran Fondo Antalya 2021
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1. Introduction

1.1 Rules will be valid during races of UCI GRANFONDO WORLD SERIES ANTALYA on 18 November – 21 November 2021.

1.2 All athletes who enrolled into the race of UCI GRANFONDO WORLD SERIES ANTALYA are deemed to having accepted these rules.

1.3 Each participant should control the content of the race bag given to himself/herself in the enrollment area and should notify the race organization if there is any misinformation in personal info.

2. Race Categories

Race categories have been determined by gender and age.


(16-18) Male
(19-34) Male
(35-39) Male
(40-44) Male
(45-49) Male
(50-54) Male
(55-59) Male
(60-64) Male
(65-69) Male
(70-74) Male
(75-79) Male
– General Classification – Male


(16-18) Female
(19-34) Female
(35-39) Female
(40-44) Female
(45-49) Female
(50-54) Female
(55-59) Female
(60-64) Female
(65-69) Female
(70-74) Female
(75-79) Female
– General Classification – Female

Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021
Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021


There is no team ranking.

4. Bike and Equipment

4.1 General

4.1.1 Use of electrical bikes is forbidden.
4.1.2 Each participant is responsible for the safety of his/her own bike. Please ensure that brake and other components are running smoothly.
4.1.3 Athletes for whom it is understood to having been participated into race with a bike that is not compatible with rules will be removed from the race and disqualified.
4.1.4 Drinking bowls can only be used within the staff geometry.

4.2 Race/Road Bikes

It is not compulsory to use race/road bikes in the race. However, it is desired that participants prefer road/race bikes in terms of speed and type of the race.

4.3 Mountain Bikes and Town Bikes

This kind of bikes may be used in the race. If you prefer to participate into race with mountain bike or town bikes, please take the factors such as average speed, time limits, safety into consideration.

4.4 Special Rules

It is forbidden to use the below-listed components and parts in the race.
– Triathlon type handle bar and aero-bars
– Single-speed, fixie bikes
– Hand bike
– Any bike with carrier
– Wearing headphone is forbidden. Use of MP3 player and similar devices is forbidden.

5. Helmet, Race Number

5.1. Helmet

Wearing helmet is compulsory. All helmets must be compatible with DIN 33954, SNEL and/or ANSI safety standards.

5.2. Race Number

Race number is like identity of the athlete. Race number should be used in the back of the suit of athlete on both sides and in such a way which will be visible under the bike saddle.

6. Participation Conditions

6.1 UCI GRANFONDO WORLD SERIES ANTALYA is open to all amateur road cyclists. Any cyclist who has active UCI license and is a member of professional team is forbidden to race.

6.2 Each participant must have a current health report or current cycling license.
6.3. Athletes who have received doping penalty in the recent 5 years are forbidden to participate.


7.1. Motorcycle Tracking
7.1.1. There will be motorcycles for providing the traffic, road and athlete safety in the race.
7.1.2 Motorcycles enable the race to be conducted within the framework of the rules and fulfill the following duties:
To disqualify the participants who do not obey the rules, to open road to the first-aid and leader group.

Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021
Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021
Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021
Uci Gran Fondo Antalya - 2021

8. Ranking and Results

8.1 General Individual Results

General individual results are divided into two as “Female” and “Male”. Two different result will be announced as “General Female Ranking” and “General Male Ranking”.

8.2 Results by the Race Categories

Results by the race categories shall be separately announced in female and male, race distance and age categories.

9. Time Chip

9.1 Race completion time of each individual participant will be electronically measured by a chip.
9.2 The electronical chip granted to you during the enrollment phase will be mounted onto your bike according to the use instructions.
9.3 Time of starting the race is a time when start signal is given for every athlete.

10. Feeding During the Race

10.1 At least one feeding station shall be installed during UCI GRANFONDO WORLD SERIES ANTALYA. This station will be located on the right side of the road in all cases. Athletes may stop at the feeding station and utilize from the service given.
10.2 Caution signs will be placed on the right side of the road 1km ahead of the feeding points.
10.3 Racer crosses to the right side of the road by raising his/her hand in order to show that he/she will stop at the feeding station. He/she moves cautiously while changing direction and stops by being careful in such way which will not endanger other racers.
10.4 Taking food and beverages from supporting vehicles is forbidden. This rule may only be changed by the Race Committee due to weather conditions and this is announced in the technical meeting one day before the race.
10.5 Racers cannot take food and beverages from audiences or their own support teams on the roadside.

11. Quitting the Race or Having a Break

11.1. In the event that the racer must quit the race due to reasons such as mechanical problem, health conditions, etc., he/she immediately informs the other racers by raising his/her right arm and stops at the closest edge of the road. Then, he/she crosses to the right side of the road by waiting a safe moment. He/she must wait tracking vehicle there. He/she shows his/her call for help by raising right arm.
11.2 Abandoning the racetrack is a reason of disqualification even if the racers returned later. Official feeding points are regarded being within the racetrack.

12. Personal Support Vehicles and Receiving Help from Third Parties

12.1 It is strictly forbidden for personal or team support vehicles to stroll in the racetrack.
12.2 It is also forbidden to take technical assistance of feeding product from press vehicles or other public vehicles not belonging to the race organization.
12.3 It is permitted to take assistance externally in case of health problems or accidents.

13. Station Transit Times and Athlete Collection Vehicle

13.1 Station transit times will be inspected by the race committee. The race committee is entitled to take the participants who fall so behind even if they were above the minimum speed for reaching to the next station prior to the station transit time designated in advance in a coordinated way with the security and police units, pursuant to the traffic condition.
13.2 In the event that any racer does not catch the station transit time due to mechanical, health or other reasons, he/she will go to “athlete collection vehicle” by quitting the race upon demand of race organization.
13.3 Referees and athletes must obey the instructions of collection vehicle representatives.
13.4 Athletes who completed the race behind the completion time will be disqualified. Times of such athletes will appear in the race results; however, they will not be ranked.

14. General Cycling Rules

14.1 Participants cannot prevent the transition of other racers, will not cross their path or not force them to get out of the road. They will abstain from being in contact with other participants as much as possible. Excluding the compulsory cases, pulling or pushing another athlete physically for an individual or joint interest will be punished according to the penalty clauses. Likewise, stopping suddenly in such a way which will prevent the other, changing lanes suddenly or stopping on the onset of the race without a reason will be punished pursuant to the related articles (part 16).
14.2 Holding on motorized vehicles or hiding behind them is forbidden. This forbidden is also valid for returning to race after accident and/or mechanical stops.
14.3 It is permitted to Exchange food and beverages among racers.
14.4. It is forbidden to throw any kind of waste to environment including rubbish or used water bottle and flasks. Those who act otherwise will be punished pursuant to the related article (part 16). Each racer will throw rubbish and empty flask and water bottles into rubbish bins in feeding stations, on the road or finish.

15. Material Exchange and Repair

15.1 Exchanging tool, equipment and spare part among the racers is permitted. However, exchanging rim and bike is strictly forbidden.
15.2 Any kind of repair process on the bike will be performed behind the groups, in the right side of the road and – if any – in front of the service vehicle. If there is pavement on the right side of the road, this area may also be used.

16. Penalties to be Imposed in Case of Violation of Rule

16.1 General

16.1.1 Penalties related with the violations are only be imposed by the race committee.
16.1.2 Penalties are stated in Part 16.2. and they will be applied without exception.
16.1.3 The race committee is also be entitled to impose penalty for the violations not stated in the following list. The proper penalty will be determined by the committee.

16.2 Penalty List

The following penalty tariff will be applied for the health of organization and safety of participants:
1.To deceive the organizer by participating with a fake name: being disqualified from the race for 5 years or lifelong and fine amounting 250 Euro.
2. Participation of a Professional athlete: Discharge from the race, removing his/her name from the result list and being disqualified from the race for 5 years.
3. To transfer the race documents to third person without fulfilling the required enrollment transfer application: being disqualified from the race for 3 years, in case of premeditating, being disqualified for lifelong.
4. To deceive the organizer by using the chip of another racer: being disqualified from the race for 3 years.
5. To use former or wrong race number: being disqualified from the race for 3 years.
6. To have a quarrel with racers or other persons: Discharge and removal from the race for one year.
8. To use the short route and to deviate from racetrack: Discharge and removal from the race for one year.
9. Violation of level crossing with closed barrier: Discharge and removal from the race for one year.
10. To race with a bike violating the race rules: Discharhe and removal from the race for one year.
11. To race without helmet or to remove helmet during the race: Discharhe and removal from the race for one year
12. Lack of race number and time chip: Discharge and removal from the race for one year.

17. Keeping Record of Rule Violations and Objections

1.Organization and race committee will keep the record of violations at start, race time and finish zone.
2. Violations will be recorded and kept in “Violation List” form.
3. Participants will submit to the organization the rule violations they witness and their objections regarding their own race times by filling “objection form” retained in the race Office and by adding the probable evidences. At the end of the race, the objections will be examined by the organization committee and the decision will be notified to the concerned persons.

UCI Gran Fondo World Antalya 2021