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Race Rules

Racing Rules


Race Participation Conditions

● Obtained from an official health institution within the last 6 months of the race date.

“It is suitable for sports.” certificate is enough to start the race.

● Bicycle license for 2023 is sufficient. (Athletes who have a UCI license and have scored in UCI competitions in the current year cannot participate)

Age Groups

● Time Trial, Long Course and Short Course races include 9 different age categories for men and women.

Female-Male Age Groups

● Race categories are determined by gender and age.



(14-15) Men's Short Course

(16-18) Men's Short Course

(19-34) Male

(35-39) Male

(40-44) Male

(45-49) Male

(50-54) Male

(55-59) Male

(60-64) Men's Short Course

(65-69) Men's Short Course

(70-74) Men's Short Course

(75-79) Men's Short Course



(14-15) Women's Short Course

(16-18) Women's Short Course

(19-34) Female

(35-39) Female

(40-44) Female

(45-49) Female

(50-54) Women's Short Course

(55-59) Women's Short Course

(60-64) Women's Short Course

(65-69) Women's Short Course

(70-74) Women's Short Course

(75-79) Women's Short Course


Conditions of Participation in the World Championship

● In all age categories in the time trial and long track road races, the athletes who finish the race in the first 25% of the following age categories and tracks are entitled to go to the world championship.


● Men aged 19-59 in all categories only on the long course

If they finish in the top 25% of the number of athletes in the category, they qualify to go to the world championship.

● Women between the ages of 19-49 are eligible to go to the world championship only if they finish in the first 25% of the number of athletes in the long track in all categories.


● Athletes over the age of 60 in men and over 50 in women are entitled to go to the world championship only if they finish in the top 25% of their category in the short course.


● In the short track road race, female athletes under the age of 50 and male athletes under the age of 60 cannot participate in the world championship, even if they finish in the first 25% of the race.


● The 20% slice is on the track that gives the right to go to the final race, as in the example.

determines. For example: In the category where 100 athletes compete, all athletes who finish the race in the top 25 are entitled to participate in the world championship.

Female-Male Paracycling category

Category H | hand bike

Category T | Tricycle

Category B1 | Tandem Lady

Category B1 | Tandem Male

Category C1 | Standard Arm Amputee

Category C2 | Standard Leg Amputee

● Paralympic athletes who will compete in the Paracycling category will only be able to compete in the short course. There will be no age category discrimination among the athletes.

● Since there is no Paracycling category in the UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo World Series Antalya 2023 races, paralympic athletes who are ranked cannot qualify to participate in the world championship, and UCI uniforms and medals cannot be given to the top athletes.


● An organization participation medal will be given to the winners at the award ceremony.


Types of Bicycles


● Athletes can participate in road bike races with all bikes except the bikes listed below.

● It is forbidden to race against time trial bicycles, bicycles with triathlon handlebars, bicycles with mechanical and electrical support, and horizontal and two-seater tandem bicycles in road races. Athletes who come to the race area with these bikes will not be included in the race or will be removed from the race.


● Athletes can participate in the time trial bike race with a TT bike and

Triathlon handlebars can be used on bicycles.


● Athletes can race city bike, mountain bike, cross country bike, hybrid bike or road bike in all races. In the organization, it is recommended that you participate in the race with these bikes, as road bikes will provide an advantage to the athletes.

● Paracycling athletes will compete with bicycles designed for them.



● It is mandatory to wear a helmet. Athletes who do not have a helmet cannot participate in the race and cannot start. Athletes who are not wearing a helmet during the race are disqualified by the organization officials and their race number is taken.

● All helmets must be CE certified. It must comply with DIN 33954, SNEL and/or ANSI safety standards.


● Athletes can wear any jersey they want, excluding UCI World Championship jerseys.

they can wear.

● Athletes may wear swimsuits, bicycles, helmets, shoes or cycling shoes.

It is forbidden to wear products with UCI colours and rainbow colours over white on their protectors. Athletes dressed in this way will be checked and warned before the race.


Technical-Mechanical Support


● Technical support is provided for the athletes on all tracks.


● A sufficient number of vehicles and/or motorcycles will be on the track to support the athletes. A vehicle will follow the race from behind. The front group will be followed by the motorcycle. In addition, there will be technical service materials at the feeding stations.

● In the race against time, athletes will not be followed by a vehicle with technical support personnel. Athletes will be able to get technical support for their needs at the start of the race. Despite all this, the bikes of the athletes are their responsibility.


Timing and Timekeeping

● The times in the races will be followed by the electronic tracking system.


● The electronic chip, which will be given after the registration, must be mounted on the bicycle by the rules so that the times can be measured properly.


● During the technical meeting, the chip application will also be shown.


● It is the athletes' responsibility to wear chips. After inserting the chips delivered by the organization, the athletes must enter the area directed by the organization by having their chips read at the entrance to the start area. Since the time of the athlete who has not had his chip scanned here cannot be followed, the athlete will be counted as out of the race.


Race Number


● The two race numbers to be delivered with the chip during registration can be seen on the back of the athlete's jersey, close to the waist level, and must be worn as indicated by the organization. It is necessary to fill in the information behind the number.


● Athletes are required to indicate their illnesses such as allergies and asthma on the back of the race number.



● Traffic will be cut off before the road race starts.


● For the safety of the race and to clear the way, police and there will be vehicles and motorcycles belonging to the organization.


● To ensure the safety and fairness of the race and to avoid possible problems, only press and vehicles belonging to the organization will enter the race track.


● Team vehicles or personal athlete tracking vehicles will not be allowed on the track.


● Athletes; if requested, the organization vehicles should pass to the right of the road and give way.

● If the athlete has to stop for any reason, he must raise his arm to warn other athletes and vehicles, switch to the right of the road and wait for the aid vehicle or make repairs here.


● During the race, one hour after the first athlete, the safety car will take the safety of the road and open the traffic behind it.


● The minimum average speed for the UCI Nirvana Gran Fondo World Series Antalya race will be announced at the pre-race technical meeting. Compliance with this limit is mandatory.


● The minimum average speed depends on the race track condition, length and altitude and will be specified in the race information in the participation conditions. This speed value is part of the racing rules.


● The minimum average speed will be supervised by the organizing committee. By the traffic situation, the organization, in coordination with the security, track teams and police units, has the right to exclude the participants from the race, even if they are above the minimum speed.


● Athlete collection vehicle takes the athletes at the very end of the group, together with their bicycles, to the collection vehicle and delivers them to the finish area.


● Ambulance and police vehicles will also stay behind and ensure the safety of the athletes in traffic. In the meantime, the safety of the athlete belongs to him.


● The opening and ending times of the traffic are also at the initiative of the organization, and the athletes will be informed separately at the technical meeting to be held before the race.


● In the time trial race, the track will be completely closed to traffic throughout the race.


● A first aid kit is available in the feeding and finishing area for minor accidents that may occur.

● There will be a sufficient number of ambulances in the race organization. One of these ambulances will follow the group that broke off in the race, and another will follow from the very back, and will also wait at some points on the track and enter the track if necessary.


● The organization involves risks and the athletes participate in this race by accepting these risks (all participants will be waived during registration).

Penalty Situations

● Racing without a helmet is grounds for disqualification.


● Leaving the track for any reason is disqualification.

● Feeding areas are within the track. roads, if necessary.

sidewalk can be used for technical service and this part is considered to be included in the track.

● Athletes who receive support from vehicles other than organization support vehicles are disqualified.

● Holding onto vehicles is grounds for disqualification.


● Cycling by putting yourself and other athletes at risk is a disqualification.


● Consciously trying to mislead the referees and the organization is grounds for disqualification even if the race is over. Racing with a bike that does not comply with the rules is grounds for disqualification.

● Participation of people who have UCI points or who are professional team athletes is disqualification.


● Intentionally removing or not wearing the race number or missing the bike number is grounds for disqualification. Athletes who do not compete within the ethical rules will be disqualified.


● The fact that the athlete has finished the race does not mean that he will not be penalized.

● Disqualified persons: Penalties are given by the organization and

forwarded to them.

● The athlete has no right to object to this.


● Athletes' damage to the environment is a penalty.


Feeding Area

● In road races, there are feeding areas where participants can get drinks and food. All nutrition areas include:

○ A first aid kit for minor accidents

○ Drinks: Water

○ Food: Fruit

○ Portable toilet

○ For technical problems, inner tube, pocket knife allen set, pump

○ Feeding area is specified at least 5 km in advance

● Athletes who will enter the feeding station while in a group must raise their hands and warn the other athletes and the tracking vehicle and enter the field.

● Water will not be given by the officials. The athlete must take it himself.

● Athletes have to throw their garbage in the garbage area.


Award Ceremony

● A separate (male and female) award ceremony will be held for each category.


● The athlete who is the winner in the categories that has the right to go to the world championship is entitled to receive the UCI Jersey. The first, second and third athletes are eligible to receive UCI medals.


● It will not be graded for the General Classification and no medals and jerseys will be awarded separately for this category.



● Participants must have completed the course in order to receive a finishing medal.


● All athletes who complete the race will be awarded a finisher medal.

● UCI medals will be awarded on the podium to the top 3 in the categories that qualify to participate in the UCI World Championship.

● An organization medal will be awarded on the podium in categories that do not qualify for the World Championship.

● The top three athletes in the categories get the right to participate in the world championship and the UCI medal regardless of the 25% slice rule.


● Athletes who are in the top three in all categories except the age of 16-18 in the time trial are entitled to receive a UCI medal. Athletes who finish first in all categories except the age of 16-18 are entitled to receive the UCI jersey.